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E-Mail Usmailto:bowlinggeneral@neb.rr.com?subject=Inquiry%20From%20BowlingArtWorks.com
E-Mail Usmailto:bowlinggeneral@neb.rr.com?subject=Inquiry%20From%20BowlingArtWorks.com

Welcome to Bowlingartworks.com. My name is John Patten. I am an avid bowler in Lincoln, Nebraska who turns old bowling lanes into beautiful pieces of bowling artwork. The art I create is made out of real bowling lanes and pins. The wood used is 2”-21/2” thick which makes the items very solid and durable. Some of my items are made out of the newer synthetic lanes also.

Every item I make is done with care and with pride.  Please take a look around my website. If you don’t see what you are looking for, drop me an e-mail. I do special order custom work as well.

                      Thank You

John Patten

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